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Split! Non-Detergent cleaning products and processes provide a cleaner (provable!) surface that stays cleaner longer textured floors, vinyl coverings, carpets, rubber floors, stainless steel, and more. 
Detergents leave a residue that causes new soils to stick, bacteria to grow and appearance to dull.  The result? More cleaning labor and cost. Discover the non-detergent secret other cleaning chemical manufacturers don't want you to know!
Split! Restorative Cleaner
Use for  first / restorative cleaning of all hard floors, rubberized floors, carpet, stone, tile & grout. Powerful ph = 12 formula. Packed (4) 1 gal. per case. #010101
Split! Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
Use for regular, frequent cleaning of carpet and upholstery fabric with pH = 9 formula. Maximize your low-moisture cleaning results. Packed (4) 1 gal. per case. #010301
Split! Non-Detergent Cleaner
For regular/daily use, replacing traditional detergent cleaners.
pH = 9 formula.  Powerful  enough to remove biofilm!
Packed (4) 1 gal. per case.
Duplex DP 420 Floor Scrubber
14", dual counter-rotating brushes clean stone, tile, rubber floors and carpets - right up to the wall. 1.25 HP motor. Low water use - a green cleaning operation.
17" Camel Low Moisture
Floor Machine
180 frame motor provides more power and weight  with lower amp draw than conventional machines. Quiet. Ergonomic electric sprayer and upper handle lock. #F0009-SP
Brush-n-Bonnet Pad Driver
19 pad driver with riser for low-moisture cleaning with Camel 17 Floor Machine. #137199
19 Slotted Bonnet
Cleaning Pad

For use with Brush-n-Bonnet Pad Driver
Packed 4 per case.
19 Wiping Bonnet Pad  
Low-profile, 100% cotton looped pad loosens and carries away released soil.
Packed 6 per case.
17 Clean Grit Rotary Grout Brush w/NP9200 Clutch Plate 
Softer 180 Grit multi-level bristles give superior scrubbing. #816515
SystemSURE Plus Measurement System
Measures molecules that provides measurable data as to the cleanliness of a surface.  Ultra fast results!
Split! Restorative Cleaner
Split! Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
Split! Non-Detergent Cleaner
Split! Cleans Pirelli Floors,
Vinyl Seats, Carpets and Rubber Floors
in Sport Facilities
Camel 17 inch low moisture floor machine #F0009-SP
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