The One-Step Floor Finish System
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The IDP One-Step Floor Care System

The system is the environmentally responsible way to maintain the range of floors including vinyl tile, concrete, stone, rubber, vinyl sheet, brick, terrazzo and marble.  The finish protects the floor, gives a better appearance and makes it easier to dust and clean.


The system has two products - One Step Prep Floor Finish and One Step Treatment Maintainer / Cleaner


One Step Prep Floor Finish

o  Put down 4-6 coats first time. Each coat dries in 5 minutes

o  Never yellows

o  Great leveling

o  Covers 3,000 - 4,000 square feet per gallon - Major cost savings

o  Mop or scrub to clean the finish on a regular basis with

    One Step Treatment Maintainer (cleaner) and plan on

    recoating once each year.

o  5 Gallon Pail - IDP 90241


One Step Treatment Maintainer

o  Floor cleaner unlike any other on the market today
o  Neutral pH
o  Protects the floor, cleans soils, takes out rust and food stains 

o  Mop on or use in an autoscrubber or power washer.

o  1 Gallon Bottle - IDP 90141-1


To Start the One Step Program

Strip the old finish, rinse, allow to dry and then apply (4) thin coats of One Step Floor Finish with a finish mop or microfiber.  Allow each coat to dry - takes about 5 minutes - before applying the next.


For Regular Maintenance

Sweep or dust mop the floor. Damp mop the floor with One Step Treatment Maintainer/ Cleaner in your autoscrubber or mop bucket.  Allow to dry.


Next, apply (2) thin coats of One Step Prep Floor Finish with a finish mop or microfiber.  Allow each coat to dry before applying the next.


That's it!  No other chemicals needed!  No polishing required! The superior leveling of One Step assures even coats every time. 


Finishing Tips

You will need:  

  Broom and Dust Mop,

  Mop, mop handle, and bucket with wringer.

  Air mover fan for high humidity applications.

   Safety Equipment non slip shoes, gloves, eye protection, wet floor signs.


Finish Application:

    Apply 4-6 thin coats.  Wring your mop until there is no finish dripping.

    Apply with even strokes. 

       No puddles.  Not too wet. Never heavy coats.

       The floor should dry in 5 minutes. When the room is humid, an air moving fan pointed at the ceiling can speed the drying. 

       Polishing with a white pad on your buffer or burnisher is not essential but it makes the finish last longer.  

      You can walk on the floor as soon as the last coat is dry;  full curing takes about a day.  Burnishing speeds the curing step.

Apply 4 Coats of
One-Step Floor Finish

Allow each coat to dry - about 5 minutes - before applying the next
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